Boutique firm specialized in the Southeast Europe market.


Years of experience
Adriatic Finance brings 25 years of experience in global economy with Southeast Europe's optics. That knowledge help us guide our customers through the complexities of the region.


Tailored solutions
We believe that no two business cases are the same. We consider all of our clients needs from an individual perspective and aim to offer unique solutions.


Advice and representation
We offer a complete range of consulting services under one roof: our team delivers everything from advisory consultancy to full operational business management on client's behalf or by its side.

We offer personalized solutions to:

Clients willing to establish a corporate foothold in Southeast Europe,
Clients willing to actively expand their brand recognition and sales,
Clients discovering the complexities of the region’s tendering process,
Clients from the region willing to explore new markets, be it Asia, Africa or elsewhere,
Clients, corporate or not, willing to optimize their tax liability,
Clients willing to set-up a company and looking for a superior service in English,
Clients willing to invest in real estate,
Clients willing to acquire a Montenegrin citizenship, or permanent residency,
Clients willing to contract nonstandard insurance (art collection, watches, jewelry, fine wine…),
Clients willing to expand outbound tourism in the region,
And much more...

Expertise areas

Business development towards or from Southeast Europe
Financial and tax consulting, and company set-up
Real estate investing and Citizenship by Investment Program
Insurance consulting
Tourism industry

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