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Business development towards or from Southeast Europe

Finding the good fit between a product or service and a market demographic is always challenging in its own country. Finding it in another region of the world is especially arduous considering for example:
- Language barriers:
having a brand or product name “lost in translation” as it means or conveys something negative, injurious, or associated with a negative collective memory event.
- Laws and regulations, country specific accounting:
from tax implications through trading laws, navigating legal requirements is a central prerequisite. Emerging markets have often fluid regulations processes, and it’s not unheard of facing new regulations out of the blue impacting the very nature of the intended business project. Emerging markets often have nonregulated areas or activities, and obviously engaging in some of them might be legal but could have future reputational repercussions.
Tax compliance is crucial, so the challenge to grasp the finesse of foreign tax systems, rates and compliance requirements can make the accounting very demanding.
- Cultural differences:
Traditions, foods, arts, holidays, history, political landscape, social norms, business etiquette… Those are just some of the sources of pitfalls encountered abroad, requiring someone with an intimate comprehension of both geographical regions, to navigate between them.
- Impact of Foreign Politics, Policy, and Relations:
Politics can be hard to predict anywhere in the world, although in stable regions businesses can be confident that radical changes won’t disrupt their market entry efforts. Countries and emerging markets that may offer considerable opportunities may also pose challenges, which more established markets do not.
Business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s influenced by politics, policies, laws, and relationship between countries. As those relationships can be extremely nuanced, following very closely those aspects are primordial.
The decisions made by political leaders can impact taxes, labor laws, educational systems, transportation infrastructures, trade agreements…
We know how it is to start a business in another country, in another continent, we’ve been there… So don’t be surprised if we answer questions that you still don’t have.

Financial and tax consulting, company set-up

Defining the right structure, going through all the legal aspects, anticipating the growth of your activity, mitigating the risk of multiple layers of taxation, helping open bank accounts, maintaining consistent accounting record, preparing, and submitting tax returns.
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Real estate investing and Citizenship by Investment Program

Becoming a “global citizen” and acquiring a citizenship by investment is much more regulated and clearer compared to what is was just ten years ago. Processes if not always quick, are straightforward and transparent.
Obtaining a resident permit by having a commercial activity or getting a full citizenship by investing in a government configured program, we are by your side during all the process.

Insurance consulting

With the increase presence of the expatriate population accustomed to benefit tailor made insurance offers, the need for special and non-standard insurance is rising.
Properties, home offices, watches and jewelry, art collection, fine wine, pets, yachts, cars registered overseas, special travel insurance, world-class international health insurance or life insurance with world renowned companies, we have a solution.

Tourism industry

Tourism is the key economic sector in Montenegro, and even if the business landscape might appear crowded, there is still a lot of room for new concepts, new approaches in customer relations, niche activities, cultural oriented offers…
Supply of services, manpower, marketing tools… so much is still available in such a dynamic growing market.
Let’s discuss together about your tourism project and see how it can integrate in the mutation of Montenegrin tourism panorama.

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